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Over Three Decades of Disputed Hail Claims Experience


Few public adjusters (PA) have the kind and depth of experience that gets results like we get on hail damaged roofs. Oh they may know the claims process well, but the adjuster who represents the carrier will know in 30 seconds if the PA knows anything about roofing.

Why does tens of millions of square feet of actual roofing experience matter? Having intricate knowledge of how roofs are installed, the unique characteristics of particular roofing materials, compatibility, and the ability to accurately estimate roof age, are all valuable skills in the adjusting process.

As a premier licensed public adjusting company dedicated to securing the hail damage settlement your years of premiums deserves, we understand that the only way our fee makes sense is if we secure far more than that for you in "additional" money. We have a long history of doing just that!​ 

One example of how actual roofing knowledge meant the difference between a "no claim" and the adjuster paying for a new roof:

  • Adjuster: These circular cracks were not caused by hail, but by stacking rolls of mod bit roofing felt on the roof.
  • Alpha: The inner circle of a roll of mod bit is much larger diameter than those cracks. Also, the same cracks are on top of the parapet walls, roofers don't stack rolls of mod bit on parapet walls.
  • Adjuster: Hmm, I hadn't thought of that, it must be hail damage.

Sometimes the damage is obvious!


And sometimes it's not! Regardless, there is nobody better at evaluating and proving hail damage than someone who has tens of millions of sq. ft. of actual commercial roof installation experience in the hailbelt, such as we have. Adjusters representing the insurance company often roll right over a public adjuster who lacks real-world roofing knowledge. And of course it is illegal for a roofer to negotiate with an adjuster.

Does Not Affect The Functionality of The Roof?


This is an oft-used excuse by an adjuster to deny a legitimate hail claim because he thinks that "mere granule loss" does not constitute functional damage. That's a big NO SALE with us! 

Whether the adjuster lacks the roofing knowledge, or is intentionally misleading you, the result is the same: Legitimate hail damages goes unpaid!


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